Tom H:  987.2 Cayman 2011 (with PDK buttons) – Dark grey Alcantara 9002 + Red centre stripe, Mid grey 415 stitching + Handbrake handle – Dark grey Alcantara 9002, Mid grey 415 stitching (17.01)

Thanks for fitting the wheel today. I’m very happy with it and really impressed with the finish.

Thanks again

John B:  Subaru Impreza 2004 ( No paddles ) – Slightly thicker,  Black Alcantara + Red marker at 12 o’clock, Black stitching  (12.01)

I received my steering wheel on Wednesday, I have fitted it today.

I really need you to add me to your long list of 100% happy customers, what a fantastic job you have done on the wheel, it totally transforms the look and feel of the car interior. I’ve attached a before and after photo so you can see for yourself that it looks amazing.

I will recommend you to anyone else that needs a steering wheel recovered . 👍🏻👍🏻


Paul  S:  McLaren 570s – Black Alcantara + Orange centre band at 12 o’clock, Orange stitching  (21.11)

My steering wheel has arrived and it looks fabulous and exceeds all expectations.
A really great job. Thank you for such excellent service



Danny P:  Z4 E89 2011 M-sport Manual – Padded ( Originally), Perforated leather on sides, Smooth top/bottom, Black stitching + Fitting (18.11)

Thank you so much for the most excellent refurb on my E89 BMWZ4.  I’m really pleased with your work, which has restored my steering wheel to brand new, at a very reasonable price.
As well as a great product, you provided excellent service and great attention to detail to ensure I was happy – which I am.
Much appreciated.

Benn B: Mustang GT, 2017 – Thicker + Thumb Grips Added + Flat bottom, Perforated leather on sides, Nappa topbottom + Yellow stripe at 12 o’clock , Yellow stitching – Exchange (16.11)

The steering wheel is absolutely outstanding thank you, 
Thank you again and keep up the great work!
All the best,

Chris K: 987 Cayman s automatic 2005 – Slightly thicker, Thumb grips added, Perforated leather on sides, Smooth leather top/bottom, Dark grey 416 stitching – Exchange + Fitting (15.11)

Massive thanks for fitting my wheel today feels like a different car love it well happy.

Kind regards


Peter W: VW Crafter 2008 – Thicker, Thumb grips added, Perforated leather on sides, Nappa top/bottom, Mid Grey stitching – EXCHANGE (15.11)

Just a quick message to say the steering wheel arrived yesterday. Absolutely over the moon it is beyond my expectation by a considerable margin. Finish is spot on and it was delivered exactly when you said it would be. exchange wheel will be sent next week probably Monday.
Thank you to everyone concerned top job. 

I will have no doubts about recommending you to anyone.

Yours a very very happy customer


Dave B: Honda S 2000, 2009 – Black Perforated leather on sides, Smooth leather top/bottom, Red stitching  – EXCHANGE  (27.10)

I had my new wheel fitted today and I’m delighted with it. It lifts the interior and is so much better than the old, worn one.
Great job, thank you.
The old one is on its way to you via parcel force, should arrive tomorrow.
Thanks again, quality workmanship and a nice easy way to do business.

Best wishes,

Jeo C : Land Rover Discovery 3 2005 ( without paddles ) – Perforated leather on sides, Smooth Nappa  top/bottom, Black stitching   (20.10)

Thank you very much for the steering wheel that you supplied and fitted on Tuesday this week. My 2 hour journey home was a pleasure with the new wheel which has been finished off perfectly. The leather is not too soft and the stitching is extremely neat.
My wife drove the car yesterday and she was extremely pleased, too. No need to wash our hands after every journey, now.

Thank you once again for a quality product and quality service.

David P : Civic EP3 Type R 2005 (no paddles) – Perforated leather on sides, Smooth top/bottom + Red centre band at 12 o’clock + Red stitching  – EXCHANGE (12.10)

I have now had the steering wheel you recovered for me fitted to my car (picture attached) and I just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely delighted with the end result.
When I received the steering wheel back I was extremely impressed with the quality of the finish and the materials used, every bit as good as the reviews I had read of your work and up to OEM standards.
From a practical point of view, it has made a dramatic improvement over my old shiny steering wheel. There are far better grip levels and the wheel is now a tactile delight. 
I had the new steering wheel fitted by my local Honda main dealer who were also very impressed with your work and thought it a great upgrade and asked where I had sourced the wheel.
In summary, I’m very happy indeed with the quality of your work and the speed of the service and would happily recommend you to my friends and colleagues.

Best regards,

Scott B. Range Rover Vogue 2011 ( HEATED, with Paddles) – Perforated leather on sides, Smooth top/bottom, Black stitching  – EXCHANGE (10.10)

I had the steering wheel fitted yesterday.
I cannot commend you enough , what an outstanding piece of workmanship you’ve done for me. Thank you.

Richard D : Z4 E89 2009 SE Standard ( with Paddles) – Extra padded, Perforated leather on sides, Smooth top/bottom, M-stitching –  M-sport Style  (25.09)

The steering wheel looks and feels brilliant!
Very impressed. It’s going to be the first modification I make to any future car purchase.


Adrian P : E46 SE Sport 320D 2001 – Extra padded, Thumb grips added, Smooth nappa leather, Black stitching – M-sport Style (20.09)

I would like to say how pleased I am with its quality and feel. The steering wheel is the part of the car you have constant contact with when enjoying the car. Its feel and its feedback is how the car responds to your actions so has an important role. I am delighted with my new steering wheel.
I will have no hesitation in recommending you.

Many thanks


Jamie : F80 M3 2014 (with paddles) – Black Alcantara 9040 + Red centre stripe, M-stitching   (1.09)

I love my new wheel! I had a great drive home down some back roads with it. As I said to you, if I’d known about your service sooner i would definitely have brought my last three cars to you. I will certainly use your service for my next car and I’ll gladly recommend you to my friends as well.

All the best


Gareth M : Alfa GTV, 2000 ( manual ) – Perforated leather on the sides, Smooth top/bottom + Yellow centre stripe at 12 o’clock, Yellow  stitching (27.08)

Just a message to say I’ve seen the wheel and it is amazing! Feels so good in the hand and the quality is superb!
Thank you very much, you’ve made me very happy with such a small piece of a large project. Your work is amazing, thank you very much!


Connor W : 350Z – Thicker 2mm, Thumb grips added + Flat bottom ( RX8 style) , Smooth Nappa leather, Orange stitching (25.08)

Wheel successfully received yesterday and I fitted it last night. Wow does it look incredible! Absolutely stunning!
Thank you so so much!New wheel makes the car look 5 years newer!
Thanks again,


Steve L : BMW 1 series E81 SE ( Plastic) – Thicker,Thumb grips built up + Flat bottom, Perforated leather on sides, Smooth top/bottom,  M-stitching  (2.08)

Had my steering wheel fitted by Jack who was friendly and a great fella, the quality of my steering wheel was amazing, top quality workmanship I had been all over to find a steering wheel but was recommended to try Royal Steering Wheels and it turned out to best choice I made,I can 100% recommend this company the works first class and fitting of the steering was done in very professional manner, will be having more work done again with Jack.

John W. : BMW E46 M3 2003 SMG  – Dark grey Alcantara 9002, M-stitching ( csl style) + lower plastic trim – Alcantara 9002 + EXCHANGE (1.08) 

Quality and workmanship are outstanding
Rare qualities nowadays
So pleased
Thank you

Simon B. : Porsche 911 1988 ( 4-spoke) –  Dark blue leather, Blue stitching – Originally  (20.07) 

I just wanted to thank you so much for re-covering my Porsche steering wheel. I’m really pleased with it, and it looks lovely.
If I hear of anyone wanting their steering wheel re-covered, I’ll have no hesitation in recommending your services..

Many thanks again,

Scott F: Audi A6 S-line 2012 ( No Paddles)  – Padded 2mm (thicker and softer- M-sport feel), Perforated leather on sides, Smooth Nappa top/bottom, Black stitching  (11. 07) 

Recently did some research into companies who could trim my steering wheel to a factory specification or better because I have just recently sold my BMW which had an M Sport steering wheel which was really nice to hold.
My only disappointment with Audi is their steering wheels they are thinner and harder than BMW I prefef.
So after discussions with Royal Steering wheels it was recommended to me to have 2mm padding and Napa and Perforated leather to achieve the same feel as the BMW steering wheel, I was a little sceptical if this would work with 2mm padding but after arriving at Royal Steering wheels unit and having my new steering wheel professionally fitted I have to say I am over the moon, it feels far better than the BMW steering wheel and the quality of the leather, stitching and overall workmanship is outstanding.
I highly recommend Royal steering wheels without question.
I will be a returning customer from now on

Thank you,

Mustafa I. : Renault Master 2012 – Back Perforated leather on sides, Smooth top/bottom, Light Grey 412 stitching (7.07) 

Got my wheel back and just to say thank you for doing a very good job. I am very impressed with the quality and professional service that you have given. 
King regards,

Steve J : VW Golf mk5 –  Perforated leather on sides, Smooth top/bottom, Black stitching  – EXCHANGE (7.07) 

Fantastic quality as ever – this is my third now!
Thanks, Steve

Bruno Nikolic. : BMW F87 M2 manual –  Dark grey Alcantara 9002 + 3M centre stripes at 12 o-clock, M-stitching (3.07) 

I’ve got the steering wheel and I’m very happy with the craftsmanship of it. I’ve installed it and it looks and feels amazing. 
Thanks again,  Bruno.

Raza Sh. : A5 Sline 2013  (flat bottom, no paddles) – Perforated leather on sides, Smooth top/bottom, Red stitching (1.07) 

Just a quick note to say thank you, Steering wheel was beautiful. perfect thickness and stitching. Made a great final addition to my customers car i recently re-trimmed.

King regards,
Raza Sh.

Paul I.  : BMW Z4 E85 SE – Double padded, Perforated leather on sides, Smooth  nappa top/bottom, Red stitching  – EXCHANGE (25.05) 

Wheel  is tremendous – looks fab, and feels great. Thanks for a great job.


Dan R.  : Toyota GT86 – Perforated leather on sides, Black ALcantara top/bottom + Red centre stripe, Red stitching  (24.05) 

Received the wheel this morning. Over the moon with it!! So nice compared to the standard one and the quality, feel and even the smell is top notch!


Georgios P.  : Civic EP3 Type R – Perforated leather on sides, Smooth top/bottom + Red centre stripe, Red stitching  (22.05) 

I received the steering wheel today. Really amazing work and result. Thank you very much for the outstanding professional work.
Kind regards

Richard B.  : Focus 3 RS 2017 –  Black Alcantara 9040, Blue 1318 stitching – EXCHANGE (12.05) 

I received the wheel and   went for a drive last night and the new wheel feels so much better to hold now so i’m really happy with it !
Thank you for the care guide for alcantara i will find that very useful.
It’s been a pleasure and i will highly recommend you to fellow ford rs enthusiasts on the forum i am part of.

Many thanks,  Richard

Jim K.  : MX5 mk3 – Thicker 2mm, Thumb grips added, Perforated leather on sides, Smooth top/bottom + Red stripe at 12 o’clock, Red stitching  – EXCHANGE (9.05) 


Received my new wheel today and I have fitted it already and it looks fantastic, I’m very pleased, lovely workmanship.
Best regards,

Andrew L.  : E46 M3 Manual –  Padded, Dark grey Alcantara, M-stitching – CSL Style (3.05) 

My steering wheel arrived yesterday afternoon…..that was fast…..thanks!
The wheel is stunning….absolutely beautiful……you have a loyal, future repeat customer here…..
Many thanks to all that was part of the effort…..

Matt C. : Westfield ( Momo) – Black Alcantara 9040, Blue 1318 stitching (3.04) 

I’m writing to say thanks very much for a brilliant job on the Momo wheel for my Westfield. The original alcantara had worn out, gone grey in colour and become slippery to handle! The blue stitching looks fantastic and there is no slack in it whatsoever. The other option was to buy a new wheel but I think your work is a higher quality than what I’d find brand new from Momo!
Thanks again.

Jason F. : Civic Type-R EP3 – Slightly thicker,  Perforated leather on sides, Smooth nappa top/bottom + Red centre stripe, Red stitching – EXCHANGE  (14.03) 

Suburb quality, really pleased, many thanks.
Kind regards,

David E. : Freelander 2 GS – Perforated leather on sides, Smooth top/bottom,  Black stitching  – EXCHANGE (7.03) 

Just to say a massive thank you, I came down to see you today, Freelander 2 , I am absolutely chuffed to bits, I work at a Land Rover Main Dealership and know quality when i see it and feel it, Your wheels are top QUALITY, I will recommend you to any one who needs help, VERY VERY impressed.
Thanks again, David.

Andy H. : Megane RS 275 Cup-S 2016 – Slightly thicker, Dark grey alcantara 9002 + Red centre stripe at 12 o’clock, Red stitching   – EXCHANGE (2.03) 

The new wheel is on and looks fantastic.  Much better than the factory alcantara wheel, I didn’t spec it as an option as I knew I’d get one from Royal. Better quality material and finish, they also make it slightly thicker, so nicer to hold, had the wheel of my 250 done by Royal as well, excellent quality. Thanks again for a great job.
Best regards,

Matt  : Toyota, Hilux, 2007 – Full Black Smooth leather, Black stitching – Originally (22.02) 

Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing job redoing my steering wheel, I couldn’t be happier!!!
Kindest regards,
Matt S.

Petrea og Ole : Audi TT mk1 2004 – Full Modification (Thicker, thumbs, Flat Bottom) , Perforated leather on sides, Smooth top/bottom, Black stitching – EXCHANGE (18.02) 

I have just received my new steering wheel, and I am very happy with the quality  “super craftmanschip”.  


Diana S : BMW F32 430 Luxury 2015 ( with Paddles) – Padded ( Slightly thicker and softer ), Smooth nappa leather, Black stitching – Msport Style   (27.12) 

I just wanted to write and say how happy I am with the lovely new steering wheel you’ve made and fitted for me.
Brilliant service and I will definitely recommend you to anyone else who needs their steering wheel covered.
Kind regards,

Graham P : Golf mk7 GTD / GTI ( Manual) 2016– Black Alcantara, Light grey 412 stitching (22.12) 

I was delighted with the service, fitted in 20 minutes, the Alcantara covered wheel is excellent, feel great, quality of workmanship is very high….well done !



David M : MX5 mk3 – Thicker (2mm). Thumb grips built up, Perforated leather on sides, Smooth top/bottom * Red centre stripe at 12 oąclock, Red stitching (15.12) 

The new wheel is a delight to hold and the feel and texture is perfect and it looks great. The more I drive the car the more I love it and I have to be honest the wheel has made such a difference. Can’t believe it. It’s so tactile and it just looks like it was made with the car, Brilliant.
Hope to do business with you in the future and I will definately recommend you to my friends.
Once again Thank You,


Stephen : Toyota Land Cruiser 1999 – Dark grey Perforated leather on sides, Dark grey Smooth top/bottom, Dark grey stitching (8.12) 

The wheel is now fitted, you could not have picked a closer colour, it looks fantastic, feels good to.
Best regards, and thanks again, form another satisfied customer.



John Cooper : 6 Series E64 M6 2007 – Slightly thicker, Perforated leather on sides, Smooth top/bottom, M- stitching (5.12) 

The wheel arrived safely last week, and I’ve put it on the car.  Also to say thank you, I am really very happy with it.  You’ve done a really great job, it looks like an original factory quality wheel from a really expensive car.  Very classy, very high quality work, and exactly what I wanted.  Great service & quality workmanship.
The steering wheel is great & I would recommend to anyone i speak to.
Many thanks!


Keith  : E46 M-sport 2005 – Padded. Smooth Nappa leather, M-stitching – M3 Style (14.11) 

Great service & quality workmanship.
The steering wheel is great & I would recommend to anyone i speak to.
Thanks very much

Mathew E : Focus RS MK1 – Blue leather on sides, Black top-bottom + Blue stripe at 12 o’clock, Black stitching – Originally (8.11) 

Fantastic service and communication. The quality of workmanship is perfect, very impressive. I’ll certainly be using your service in the future, highly recommended!




Garry Butcher ” Mitsubishi L200 2007 – Thicker 2mm, Thumb gripe added, Perforated leather on sides, Smooth top bottom, Blue 1394 stitching  – EXCHANGE (12.09) 

The service was second to none, the new wheel arrived after 1week and what can i say the wheel is fantastic it is like driving a brand new truck,whatever your expectation’s are then you can double them you will not be disappointed.
Many thanks again

Kim Hollamby:  Cayman 2006 (round airbag, black) – Black Alcantara 9040, Red stitching  – EXCHANGE (14.06) 

This is the second time I have used Jack for my Porsche
Steering Wheels and suffice to say the polite, professional service
and quality of workmanship has been excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company. Many thanks again.

Kim Hollamby


Mike W. T4 2002 ( Non Airbag) – Thicker (2mm) Thumb grips added, Perforated leather on sides, Smooth top/bottom, Red stitching  ( 21.03. 2016) 

I would just like to say I am very pleased with the quality of the finish of the steering wheel.
The wheel was completed in about a week, which was quicker than originally quoted, so that was a nice bonus.
The added thumb rests look very ‘factory finish’ on the wheel and the matching centre cover really does finish off the total look.
The red stitching is very uniform and neat, and even passengers who normally have no interest in cars, have commented on the red stitching of the wheel.
It adds a custom look, without looking aftermarket. I am very pleased to have gone down the route of having my steering wheel retrimmed, rather than going for an aftermarket steering wheel and boss. It is excellent value for money for the quality of the finished product.

Regards, Mike

t4-2002-non-airbag-thicker-2mm-thumb-grips-added-perforated-leather-on-sides-smooth-topbottom-red-stitching-centre-cover-1 t4-2002-non-airbag-thicker-2mm-thumb-grips-added-perforated-leather-on-sides-smooth-topbottom-red-stitching-centre-cover-2

David: E46 M3 Manual – Padded, Smooth leather on sides, Black alcantara top/bottom + 3 M colour centre stripes at 12 o’clock, M-stitching –  (Fitted 4.11.2015)

Thanks for doing such a wonderful job of my new steering wheel. The workmanship is superb and it’s one of the best mods I have done to the car to date.

Kind regards

David A

SStephen : Cayman / 987 (triangular airbag, black) – thicker, thumb grips added, perforated leather on sides ( extended), Nappa top/bottom + Red centre stripe, Mid grey stitching – EXCHANGE  (3.11.2015)
It looks great.
It feels great.
Stitching is great.
Went for a drive and it is such an improvement.

Thank you.

997,987 (traingular airbag) - thicker, thumb grips built up, perforated leather sides, nappa top-bototm + red centre stripe, Mid grey 412 stithing

Murray : Audi S3 2002 – Smooth black leather, Black stitching – OEM Style ( 10.10.2015)

My 2002 S3 had a very worn steering wheel; smooth to the point where it would slip through my hands. A new one from Audi would have been over £400 so I did some digging and found Royal Steering Wheels. I could never have imagined the quality could be so good! I chose to stick with the original black leather and it feels like a new car. The price, the service, the communication are all excellent – I can’t recommend Jack and the team enough.

Thank you again,

William: BMW 5 Series F11 SE 2015 – Thicker, Thumb grips added,  Smooth Nappa leather, Black stitching  ( 10.09.2015)

Just to say thanks for a nice quality product and professional approach throughout. It makes a big difference to how the car feels. Very happy to recommend you.


Richard: SL350 2003 no paddles – re-profiled + flat bottom, black perforated on sides, red nappa top/bottom, red stitch on red leather and black on black( 15.08.2015)

Just a quick e mail to say how delighted I am with the steering wheel, it looks great and makes such a difference when you are driving. Thank you very much for doing such a good job.

Thank you.

Richard Covenrty

R230 - before mofification R230 SL350SL-reprofiled+flat bototm, perforated sides, red nappa top-bottom + red and black stitching 2

Andy:  Honda S2000 – slightly thicker (1mm), perforated sides, nappa top/bottom, Darker blue 816 stitching ( 10.08.2015)

I’m very pleased and the whole experience was a joy to do business with you and great communicating so thank you once again and if you want to use the picture on your website I will be more than happy to recommend you.
I intend to let everybody know at the S2000 club so hopefully you will get more work.
All the best Andy

S2000 – slighlty thicker, perforated sides, nappa top-bottom, Darker blue 816 stitching

Simon:  Porsche 911 1987 ( 4-spoke) – black perforated  leather on sides, nappa top/bottom, Black stitching ( 18.07.2015)

Thanks very much for the amazing job you’ve done on my steering wheel. It looks and feels incredible!

Gavin B:  VW Transporter T5 – Perforated leather on sides, nappa top/bottom, black stitching ( 14.07.2015)

Just received the wheel, I’m over the moon with it! I had one trimmed by a local company last year and it looked a mess! You are a true craftsmen! Very good attention to detail. Thanks very much I will recommend you.


Andrew B : Range rover P38 Anniversary  (28.05.2015)

Very many thanks indeed for the job you’ve done on my 2001 Range Rover P38 30th Anniversary.

Mine is one of just 60 left on the roads, and has had around £40,000 spent on it; it is now like a museum piece, and I have been very fussy about retaining all of its originality.

The trimmers I used could not do the steering wheel- being a specialised job- so I searched and read for someone who does do them, and found you.

The job is absolutely stunning- somehow you’ve managed to come up with a steering wheel that 100% matches the original, yet its better! How you’ve managed to do that I don’t know.

Lastly, for other peoples benefit, the job entailed a complicated mix of green and beige leather (see the pics).

Thank you so much! I cannot recommend you highly enough, and have already passed your details to the trimmers so hopefully they can place some business your way.

Best regards,

Andrew Briggs



Dean:  Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG ( Black alcantara + black centre marker at 12 o’clock, Ivory stitching) 

thanks for today- loving the steering wheel made a big difference in both appeal and driving. 

20150521_102658 20150521_102613









Craig J :  Integra type R – black alcantara on the sides, black nappa leather top/bottom + red leather centre stripe, red stitching   (30.01.2015)

I just wanted to send you quick note to say thank you for the work on my steering wheel. The wheel looks and feels stunning.
I have had my car from new in 1998, and it is my pride and joy – and the new wheel has made it even better. The whole process of good communication and professionalism from yourselves has been first rate.
Thanks again, and all the best.

Richard :  BMW 525 F10 SE  (6.12.2014)

Excellent service, help and advice. royal Steering wheels fitted the new steering wheel for me, explaining each step as he went along so that I could replace next time myself. New steering wheel is great and significantly better than the standard wheel that comes on the car.  Many thanks Richard.

F10 SE - padded, thumb grips built up, smooth nappa leather, black stitching

Alastair : Porsche 997 (16.11.2014) 

‘Excellent service from Jack throughout. Options and advice exceptional. Wheel arrived exactly as I had hoped, looks and feels easily as good as manufacturers spec and transforms the drive for me. I’m really pleased with the work and how easy the exchange was. I would  (and will), recommend Royal SW’s to anybody who wants excellent workmanship at a really good price. ‘        Al – S. Wales. Porsche 911

Nick : Porsche 996   (9.10.2014)

Jack many thanks for a great job on the steering wheel and gear lever for my Porsche GT3 996 mk2. I was never a fan of the leather OEM materials but now I have the RS look and feel that I always wanted. The quality of the work is superb and the red stitching goes very well with the colour of the car, the read centre console and red harnesses. The feel of the steering wheel is so much better and it has a real quality feel to it. It feels a bit thicker too and certainly looks a lot sportier. I really like the finishing touch of the red leather stripe at 12 oclock too. Great work as always (you done the steering wheel on my old CSL which was a first class job too!) Nick


Vincent: BMW E46 M3 SMG    (29.09.2014)

From my initial phone call from Jack in response to my email enquiry, to the point of having the work done; Jack and Royal Steering Wheel proved phenomenal. The sheer quality and standard of work by Jack is a service level that dealership workshops should take note, and the quality of the steering wheel is superb. Highly Recommended and the ultimate in value for money. YOU WILL NOT BE LET DOWN.

Best regards, Vincent.


Cairns: BMW X5 F15 SE   (25.09.2014)

I have been out for a long drive in the car and can now say what a difference it has made.   It feel like a different X5 as the feel of the wheel when driving is just wonderful and it looks quite something with the thumb rests and the blue & red stiching.

I purchased a new Porche Cayanne just over two years ago and thought it had an excellent steering wheel but even it didn’t have a look in with this one.  When I went to change the Porche for the BMW X5 the only model that I could get my hands on was the SE model and anything different I would have had to wait until Jan/Feb.  The steering wheel for a car like the X5 was terrible as you would have noticed, it was hard and thin.

Whenever I am in company and talking about different cars one thing I must say is,  “how do you like the steering wheel”.  I would recommend you to anyone Jack as the job you have done could not be bettered.

Kind Regards

Cairns S.


Elliott: Porsche Boxster 987

I found the whole process of ordering from initial contact through to delivery and return of the deposit very easy. You kept me informed of every step, letting me know what to do. The steering wheel arrived exactly when you said it would, and it is perfect. It has transformed the feel of the car when driving, giving me lots of grip when steering, and also really lifts the interiour of the car. I cannot recoommend Jack enough. For the money, it has been the most effective and enjoyable upgrade I have done to my Boxster so far! Many thanks Elliott


  Richard: Porsche Cayman S 987.2 (2009) I contacted Jack after seeing pictures of the work he had done to a similar car.  My brief was to make the new wheel thicker in radius, with more pronounced thumb grips – but otherwise keep it as stock looking as possible.  I cannot tell you how happy I am with the results.  The fit is perfect and the feel and colour of the leather is spot on.  I always thought the original was a bit thin and shapeless in contrast to the new wheel which really finishes the car off.  It should have come from the factory like this!  Jack fitted the new wheel in around 25mins and even showed me all the steps needed to do the work myself.  I would highly recommend his work.

  Stuart: E60 SE 530i Hello Jack, was good to meet you too. Really pleased with the wheel and the care and attention to detail you showed whilst fitting.Even more of a pleasure to drive the car through the twisty bits.Happy to recommend your services to everyone.  








PeterE46 M-sport

Absolutely amazing…. My m sport steering was looking awful and the leather had cracked. I found Jacks details on a forum and contacted Jack for some prices. He was ever so helpful and fitted the wheel for me at a time convenient to both of us. The wheel now looks absolutely stunning and has transformed the car for me. He is highly recommended and I will definitely use royal steering wheels services on any car I buy.  

Exclusive look, unique feeling